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Deploying Rails Is Difficult Without A Credit Card

Recently I have been building a small Rails app for me and my significant other. This website just lists our boardgames and tracks the winner of each game. It is just a small project but I had fun coding it. Currently it has been deployed to But the free plan database is limited to just 90 days of activity. The database gets destroyed after this time if there is no credit card provided. And I would like to keep this winning data.

The Difficulty Of Doing Something

… or why it takes me so long to write a blog post.

Changing The File Modification Date

Yesterday I scrolled lazily through my phone and I was looking at the pictures gallery app. Usually the pictures are sorted by their creation date. But there are some pictures with a date, that matches the time I bought a new phone in 2021. Because of manually copying over the pictures their original creation time was reset. This annoyed me so much yesterday that I got to work on resetting their original date.

Soil Carbon Accumulation In The Iscc System

In agriculture, humus build-up is one of the most important means of increasing soil fertility. Humus enables the soil to store water for longer periods of time or improves the usable field capacity. In addition, humus affects yield capacity, tillage, and erosion susceptibility. Humus buildup is achieved with an increased supply of organic matter, as well as reduced removal of organic matter from the land. But what actually is humus? And what effect does humus buildup have on the greenhouse gas balance?

Logging My Entire Year 2021

This is it. My whole year of 2021 inside on Spreadsheet. At the start of the year I did not think it would go this far. It all started with a blog post on Ycombinator about a guy, who tracked everything he did in a year…

One Day Old Chicks

During the writing of my bachelor thesis, I came across several fascinating articles about the current research of chicken welfare. But this research paper about the hatching methods of chicks was too damn interesting to not write a blog post about. You can read the whole paper at the Wageningen University Website.